Career Pathways

WBLAS is dedicated to helping students make informed decisions about their career choice and post-secondary plans. We strive to support students in creating and aligning their educational and career opportunities based on their career goals and industry standards. Pathways may direct students to enroll in 2 or 4-year colleges or directly into the workforce.

Career Pathways includes the following-

  • Course sequences starting from beginner to advanced level training.
  • Opportunities to earn free college credit through a concurrent enrollment course. 
  • Opportunities to earn an industry credential to maximize your employment opportunities after high school. 

Ready for more?

Some students may complete an entire Pathway before graduation and have room in their schedules to continue education and training beyond what WBLAHS has to offer. 

So what could be next?

  • 916 Career Tech Center - Provides additional industry-specific high school courses and training. They may also have industry programming that WBLAHS may not have capacity to offer at all. 
  • PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Options)- Provides the opportunity to enroll for free in a 2 or 4-year college or university to begin a degree specific to a career or industry. *Students must meet the college's admission requirements for program participation.


Summer Employment Opportunities

A benefit to participating in Career Pathways courses is the opportunity to get real-world employment experience in your industry of choice before graduating high school! WBLAHS partners with the local community to provide summer part and full-time employment opportunities in career pathway industries just for WBL students! 

Summer employment is typically advertised to students in the spring. 



WBLAS Career Pathways

NEW for the 2024-25 academic year!

Communications Technology Pathway

Family & Consumer Science Pathway

*Please stay tuned for more updates!

Information for Industry Partners

The WBL Career Pathways Team works with local industry partners to create and align academic offerings and career exploration opportunities based on their specific workforce needs.

Opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • apprentice readiness
  • field trips
  • guest speaking
  • employment opportunities
  • job site tours
  • scholarships
  • sponsorships
  • student visits in The College & Career
  • summer camps
  • site visits
  • teacher sponsorship
  • class mentor


Career Pathways Coordinator,
Katy Olson

Upcoming Pathway Events

Nov 8, 2023 
Employer Visit - Buhler, Inc.

Dec. 6, 2023
Field Trip - Construct Tomorrow Career Fair



Click HERE for NEW student job postings.

*Please look for updates starting Fall 2023.