January, 2021

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January 2021

Happy New Year from WBLAS Career Pathways! We are so excited to kick off 2021 with some new and exciting changes to Career Pathways. WBLAHS Students are now able to register for a specific Career Pathway. There are many benefits and reasons to get involved as a student and industry partner. We look forward to supporting our students like never before! To learn more and to watch the video, click HERE.

CNA Clinicals During a Pandemic

Congratulations to 7 Healthcare Career Pathway students who finished their 16 required hours of Clinical Skills for their Certified Nursing Assistant Training. Charlee Adam, Ashanti Cox, Najma Darwish, Sydney Kuyava, Natalie Lee, Mayura Lor and Kendra Odhiambo received their Certificate of Completion through the MN Nursing Assistant Registry. Due to Covid-19, students were able to complete their clinical skills at WBLAHS - South Campus and are now eligible to sit for the MN State Nursing Assistant Exam. A big thank you goes out to WBLAHS CNA Instructor, Jody Ryan who has worked tirelessly to provide learning opportunities for our students to be successful and pursue a Healthcare Career after graduation.

Student Spotlight

Meet WBLAHS Junior, Carson Verhulst. Carson is currently the Videographer Intern for Career Pathways and has been tasked to document a variety of Career Pathways projects for the upcoming school year. He is documenting the WBLAHS Environmental Club's Race2Reduce Grant Project which involves revitalizing the WBLAHS - South Campus courtyard to be a sustainable, outdoor Learning Lab. He is also documenting the Mentor Program Internship funded by Greater Twin Cities United Way. Keep your eyes open for the completed projects in 2021!

Carson adds, "ever since I was little I always had a passion to create things people could use and enjoy. In elementary school I made a number of computer games using basic drag and drop code. In middle school I coded my first website in HTML; it consisted of unblocked games for kids to play at school (the teachers loved that one). After many years of teaching myself app development, I've finally obtained enough knowledge to make my first app (You can find it in the app store @LiveIt!). In the future, I hope to be in a position where I'm able to create products that millions of people will find value in. But my passion to create doesn't stop at development. Videography is also something I'm deeply interested in. I love creating content for people to consume and my work has amassed me over 112,000 followers on Tiktok(@Carsonver). As a videographer for Career Pathways, I hope to document all of the great things that they are doing." Way to go Carson!

Career Pathways Receives Walser Foundation Grant

Thanks to the Walser Foundation, WBLAS Career Pathways received a grant that will help the Automotive Career Pathway purchase ALLDATA Certification and the ConsuLab CL-1918-3D Trainer.  The ConsuLab Trainer was developed to teach modern automotive lighting systems through student led learning exercises where students develop their understanding of the system through the physical wiring of all circuits. The learning exercises are developed at two levels to allow both entry level and advanced level students to expand their skills. Industry Partners such as Walser Foundation and Walser Automotive Group continue to shape the relevant and quality learning experiences for our students. We are forever grateful for their expertise and continued support by working together to shape the future.

WBLAHS Environmental Club makes Edible Plastic

The Environmental Club (EC) continues their work towards the Race2Reduce Sustainability Projects which is funded through the MN Department of Education. On November 13, WBLAHS Teacher, Cassie Knutson led a learning activity for over 20 EC members to learn about edible plastics! You heard right - EDIBLE plastic! The company NotPLA works to mimic current plastic technology by replacing plastic products that cannot be recycled. Students used a variety of chemistry and environmental science skills to create the edible plastic. WBLAHS Junior, Ernie Mattson added, “the environment is important to me because I want the world to be a safer and cleaner place. I hope to pursue a career in engineering with a potential focus on industrial engineering.” This experience will help Ernie narrow down his career goals. Way to go EC!

Engineering & Manufacturing Students Become MSSC Certified

Congratulations to the 6 Engineering & Manufacturing Career Pathway students who recently became  certified through the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC). Gunther Ahrens, Daniel Archambault, Steven Bergquist, Sophia Krocak, Declan Moore, and Joseph Schulte worked with WBLAHS - South Campus Engineering & Manufacturing Instructor, Joshua Dery who is a Certified MSSC Instructor. Dery helped the students in the Manufacturing & Applied Engineering I class complete all the certification exams. When students pass all 4 MSSC tests in Safety, Maintenance, Quality, and Processes they will officially be Certified Production Technicians (CPT 4.0). The purpose of the CPT 4.0 Certification Program is to recognize through certification, individuals who demonstrate mastery of the core competencies of advanced manufacturing production at the entry-level to front-line supervisor. The goal is to raise the level of performance of Production Technicians both to assist the individuals in finding higher-wage jobs and to help employers ensure their workforce increases the company’s productivity and competitiveness. 



  • Kyle Manley & Manley Gardening for continuing to support the development of the WBLAHS - South Campus outdoor Learning Lab which will be completed by the end of the school year!
  • the 25+ Industry Partners who supported the WBLAHS - North Campus Language Arts Department during their Career Exploration project via Flipgrid. You can still add your career story by clicking HERE.


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