Health Office

North Campus Health Office

School Nurse
Ruth DesJardins

Health Assistant
Margaret McGladdery

South Campus Health Office

School Nurse
Sonja Westercamp

Health Assistant
Teresa Foss

Student Illness

Students who become ill or injured during the school day must report to the school Health Office. If it is necessary to go home, the nurse or health assistant will inform the parent/guardian, document the student’s name and write the student a pass to leave the building.

If the student leaves school without a written pass from the health office, his/her absence will be considered truancy.


If it is necessary to take any medication during the school day, the student must bring the medication and a note from their parent/guardian to the health office. This includes prescription and over the counter medication.

Medication must be in the original labeled container. If the medication will be taken for longer than two weeks, a doctor’s order is also required.

Health concerns and medication orders must be communicated and renewed each school year. Students should feel free to discuss any health related problems with the school nurse.