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Academic Honesty

Academic Honesty

A set of values that promote personal integrity and good practice in learning and assessment.

Academic Dishonesty

Students act with integrity and honesty; they take responsibility for their own actions. Academic dishonesty, which is also known as cheating, includes:

  • Plagiarism - Using the ideas and work of others as your own such as copying language or an image from a book or a website and not citing where it came from.

  • Collusion - Helping someone else cheat, such as allowing your own work to be coped by another who is expected to do their own work.

  • Misconduct - Refusing to follow directions, such as taking test materials from a classroom or using electronic devices when you are not supposed to.

Student Expectations

  • Be honest in presenting all of their work
  • Know what constitutes cheating and how to abide by rules of academic honesty
  • Acknowledge help from parents, other students, and friends
  • Say "no" to students who want to copy their work
  • Understand that their teachers value their ideas and want them to present ideas using their own language and voice
  • Understand the teachers' guidelines for group and individual work
  • Understand and use technology and library resources properly
  • Acknowledge resources in appropriately cited bibliographies
  • Seek guidance from teachers when unsure how to follow rules of academic honesty

Classroom Connections

Below you will find a list of resources for specific classes and/or projects. 

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Digital Citizenship

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Make. Learn. Play. Discover.

The White Bear Lake Area School makerspaces are dynamic spaces with resources where everyone can make, learn, play and discover. While makerspaces are new to White Bear Lake, they have been around for some time. Presently, some form of a makerspace exists in all elementary buildings and North and South Campus with plans for expanding to all buildings. At the elementary level, the makerspaces are housed on carts that can be moved from classroom to classroom depending on need. At the high school, the makerspaces are housed in the media center. This past month, media specialists and innovation coaches paired up to introduce students to makerspaces. A lot of work is being done right now to develop this program and to ensure that it supports students as they move towards becoming agents of their own learning.

When students work in a makerspace, they are able focus on a tangible goal in front of their eyes. They can leverage the skills they’ve learned in school to solve problems while they create works of lasting value. The process of making can be meditative, bringing students into the present moment.

Picture of student working in Makerspace
Picture of student working in Makerspace


Student Supports


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Math Center

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Test Prep

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