Counseling Office

Supporting students as they develop socially, personally, and academically toward their college and career readiness.

The Counseling Department fosters an inclusive, collaborative environment where all students can become successful members of society. Visit the College & Career Center at South Campus. All permission slips, applications, and additional information can be found here. Important scholarship information and opportunities can be found below and are being continuously added to this page.

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North Campus School Counselors


Class of 2024- 9th Graders

Gregory Burke 
Students with last names A-Le

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Jennifer Johnson 
Students with last names Li-Z

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Class of 2023 - 10th Graders

Megan Coe
Students with last names A-Le

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Lori Soler 
Students with last names Li-Z

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South Campus School Counselors


Class of 2022 - 11th Graders

Julie Kirschling 
Students with last names A-Le

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Brian Merhar
Students with last names Li-Z

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Class of 2021 - 12th Graders

Lisa Horowicki
Students with last names A-La

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Rochelle Vavricka                 
Students with last names Le-Z
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College Readiness

Preparing students to pursue post-secondary opportunities.

Career Pathways

Exposing students to in-demand careers that equip them to make informed decisions about their future. Career Pathways help lay the foundation for students to excel in life beyond graduation, whether through a continued education in a college or a meaningful career.

Find additional information on the Career Pathways page.